"Travelling has a deeper meaning
when you can help someone along the way

our mission

The Goodfellas Travel Team is back! Now it's time to explore the northern part of India, from Guwahati (Assam) to New Delhi.
Our mission is being helpful while having fun! This is our plan:



This time The Goodfellas will be ambassadors for the Italian NGO “L’Albero della Vita” based in Milan, with a mission to ensure the rights, protection and well-being of the children and their families facing  disabilities. 

Our commitment will focus on fundraising in favor of the NGO via the online platform “La rete del dono” , the aim is to  spread out the West Bengali problems and in particular to promote the “Day Care Centre” project that supports 50 mentally and physically challenged children and their families. 


Born disabled is not easy even in the West, but in a poor country is to be sentenced to a secondary role in society, for good. In the South 24 Parganas,  south of Calcutta, the NGO “L’Albero della Vita” collaborates with the missionary organization PUS (Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur) promoting activities for children with physical and mental disabilities. 

Every week the Baruipur Centre receives visits from families asking for medical treatment but unfortunately, currently, the Centre has very limited financial resources, equipment and staff to offer an adequate assistance. 

The NGO’s  objectives set in order to strengthens the project are: 

-          ensure transportation of disabled children from their village to the Centre;

-          prolong the opening hours and frequency of the Centre, currently open twice a week; 

-          increase the number of children assisted in the Centre; 

-          hire a new physiotherapist;

-          purchase of new medical equipment; 

-          assist the most critical cases in better equipped hospitals where they could undergo surgery treatments.

The Goodfellas will visit Baruipur Centre and other social projects in the South 24 Parganas documenting and promoting “L’Albero della Vita” activities and we will share all the audio-visual production with our non-profit partner and with all of you!



The Goodfellas Travel Team was founded in 2013 from the idea of 8 friends with a common passion for traveling. We had a twofold purpose: fulfill our desire for adventure, while helping NGOs that contribute in different ways to improve the world we live in.            The Goodfellas Travel Team embarked on their first-ever adventure in 2013. We travelled from Arezzo (Italy) to UlaanBataar (Mongolia) with "Ariosto", the minivan we donated to GoHelp, an ONG devoted to promote children education in the poorest areas of Central Asia.
The echo of our adventure spread so big that we managed to raise many donations for the same ONG.
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